My new single, ‘Hipsters’

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Hipsters (Scenes from a lazy Saturday)

Sheer curtains blown by the wind

A sunlit room, flowers freshly bloomed

She calls for coffee with a voice of doom

He laughs it off as he walks in the room

Radio’s playing an old Elvis tune

Sung by a madman, a classic ruined

The world outside echoes through the windows

The sounds of morning from the street below

She skips the first section of the news

To “Destinations” for vacation clues

Looking out the window, his head in the clouds

Next year, a better place, he whispers a vow

And love, motions in the dark

Sometimes a knowing smile

Sometimes a hopeless scream

But love, always true

No train to catch today, no crowds standing in our way

Just light conversations, searching for revelations

The telephone breaks into the mood

A sweet moment ends too soon

Broken English at the end of the line

Just another stranger stealing time

He makes her reach for the stars and the moon

In the dead of winter, she’s his month of June

Straight ahead on this winding highway

No holding back, no one’s walking away

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